Baca Chica Colonial Spanish Horses

Working on the future of the endangered Colonial Spanish Horse!

Baca Family Colonial Spanish Horse History

Joty and Virginia Baca - 63+ years of preservation!

We are the Baca Chica family. We are proud to have spent more than 63 years preserving our very special line of Colonial Spanish horses. They are recognized worldwide for their exceptional temperament and intelligence. They are proven therapy horses and are currently working in this capacity in several locations across the country. We are excited to release our new website as part of the new nationwide effort to align with other preservation groups in an effort to save this critically endangered breed. We are "In It, for The Horse".

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Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers and advocates willing to help make this preservation a success. We'll help you find a way to volunteer or help. 

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Greatly Appreciated for their Support

  • Horse of the America's Registry
  • American Indian Horse Registry
  • Sandhill Center 
  • Center for America's First Horse
  • Baca Colonial Spanish Horse Alliance
  • Windhorse Path Natural Horsemanship
  • Mill Swamp Indian Horses
  • Our many friends and family, who we will never forget!

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